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Founder & Chief Body Enhancement Officer
Zachary Watson

   Beginning my body modification journey at the age of seven, I dipped my toes in the water with a single lobe piercing. I was hooked right away! Since that first encounter, I found myself fascinated with altering my form by means of hair dye, additional piercings (although my parents were a little more reserved on this), and eventually, tattoos.
  Over the course of time, my passion for body modification, blossomed into an appreciation for the human body as a whole, and with that, began my career path in the medical field. During my teenage years, I achieved status as a C.N.A. as well as other credentials, including phlebotomy certification, etc. While finishing high school, on my pursuit to a nursing degree, I was pulled towards serving the United States Air Force.

    Upon arriving home, after my completion of boot camp, I stepped foot into a tattoo shop for the first time. I was stoked to get my first tattoo - an American flag, placed on the back of my shoulder. Little did I know, this very action would reignite my passion for body modification and open the door for me to become a professional piercer.

    During that first tattoo session, I ended up befriending the tattoo artist, whom I am still friends with to this day. From the moment that first bit of ink touched my skin, I couldn't be kept away from the shop! After a while, I was handed a broom and an opportunity - a piercing apprenticeship.

Seeing my apprenticeship through to completion, I worked at a low end shop for a few short years. After mingling with others in the industry, I was introduced to a reputable piercer. This relationship led me to learning about the Association of Professional Piercers!

    Once I became aware of this amazing organization, I proceeded to attend their conference in Las Vegas, NV! Through the seminars I took part in, and the knowledge gained from my peers, I learned a tremendous amount about safe piercing. Taking this information and applying it to my day to day work, made all the difference. I re-learned what was taught to me incorrectly in the past, and watched myself flourish.

    I have continued to grow as an artist in my field to a point I have been asked to be a part of numerous documentaries, television shows, podcasts, and web articles! I have also expanded my skill set to include heavier forms of body modification, having learned from some of the biggest names/ pioneers of the industry!

    Now, being established in my industry and having created a name for myself, I have slowed down on traveling. As a happily married, father of four, I currently reside in Pittsburgh, PA.

     I look forward to seeing you and helping you start, or continue, your journey down the road of body modification!

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Body Piercing Artisan & Customer Experience Manager
Alayna Hudzinski 


   From an early age, I was captivated by individuals who adorned their ears with piercings. My fervent desire to have pierced ears was something I implored my parents for repeatedly, over a period of years. After much discussion, my father and I reached a compromise which allowed me to indulge in this passion following a successful gymnastics season.


   It was a love affair from the start, and as I matured, my interest grew to encompass various types of jewelry and piercings, which I would often interchange in order to suit my mood or occasion.


   To keep pace with my burgeoning passion, I channeled my energies into gymnastics, striving relentlessly to meet and surpass my personal goals, set in partnership with my parents. As I achieved each milestone, I was rewarded with new jewelry or piercings.

My journey in gymnastics spanned 16 years, instilling in me a drive for improvement and imbuing me with the fortitude and focus needed to excel not only in extracurricular activities, but also in my academic and professional pursuits.


   As I embarked upon the next phase of my academic trajectory, with aspirations to become a medical professional after graduating high school with distinguished honors, my life took an unexpected turn. My admiration for Zack's personal body modifications and expertise in the field of piercing prompted me to become one of his loyal clients. With each new piercing, my passion for the art form grew more intense. It wasn't long before I approached Zack with an offer to work as counter staff, which eventually led to a coveted apprenticeship under his tutelage.


   Today, I strive to continue honing my skills in the realm of piercing and body modification, with the goal of becoming a consummate artist in my own right. I am fueled by an insatiable curiosity and an unwavering determination to push the boundaries of my creativity and anatomical knowledge, and I am excited to see where this journey will take me in the years to come.

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