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Zachary Watson- Owner/Head Piercer


   Beginning my body modification journey at the age of seven, I dipped my toes in the water with a single lobe piercing. I was hooked right away! Since that first encounter, I found myself fascinated with altering my form by means of hair dye, additional piercings (although my parents were a little more reserved on this), and eventually, tattoos.
  Over the course of time, my passion for body modification, blossomed into an appreciation for the human body as a whole, and with that, began my career path in the medical field. During my teenage years, I achieved status as a C.N.A. as well as other credentials, including phlebotomy certification, etc. While finishing high school, on my pursuit to a nursing degree, I was pulled towards serving the United States Air Force.

    Upon arriving home, after my completion of boot camp, I stepped foot into a tattoo shop for the first time. I was stoked to get my first tattoo - an American flag, placed on the back of my shoulder. Little did I know, this very action would reignite my passion for body modification and open the door for me to become a professional piercer.

    During that first tattoo session, I ended up befriending the tattoo artist, whom I am still friends with to this day. From the moment that first bit of ink touched my skin, I couldn't be kept away from the shop! After a while, I was handed a broom and an opportunity - a piercing apprenticeship.

Seeing my apprenticeship through to completion, I worked at a low end shop for a few short years. After mingling with others in the industry, I was introduced to a reputable piercer. This relationship led me to learning about the Association of Professional Piercers!

    Once I became aware of this amazing organization, I proceeded to attend their conference in Las Vegas, NV! Through the seminars I took part in, and the knowledge gained from my peers, I learned a tremendous amount about safe piercing. Taking this information and applying it to my day to day work, made all the difference. I re-learned what was taught to me incorrectly in the past, and watched myself flourish.

    I have continued to grow as an artist in my field to a point I have been asked to be a part of numerous documentaries, television shows, podcasts, and web articles! I have also expanded my skill set to include heavier forms of body modification, having learned from some of the biggest names/ pioneers of the industry!

    Now, being established in my industry and having created a name for myself, I have slowed down on traveling. As a happily married, father of four, I currently reside in Pittsburgh, PA.

     I look forward to seeing you and helping you start, or continue, your journey down the road of body modification!

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