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We proudly provide an unparalleled range of specialized services within the field of body piercing/modification, distinguishing our studio as the foremost destination in the Pittsburgh area!

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Body Piercing

We are proficient in performing a comprehensive spectrum of both fundamental and advanced body piercings, prioritizing client safety and ensuring suitability based on individual anatomy.


Permanent Jewelry

Our studio presents an exclusive collection of exquisitely crafted bracelets and anklets, custom fit and welded on to you! These captivating pieces are meticulously fashioned from a variety of premium materials, including solid gold in all shades, gold-filled options in a diverse color range, and titanium which can be anodized to achieve a beautiful array of hues!


Jewelry Cleaning

We provide professional jewelry cleaning services, ensuring that your exquisite pieces maintain their timeless beauty and luster consistently

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Jewelry Swaps

Our studio offers the service of seamlessly replacing jewelry purchased directly from our establishment or sourced from reputable brands known for their adherence to approved materials and safety standards.


Piercing Curation

At Genisys Body Arts, we provide a comprehensive range of services including having a specialist to curate designs and help pick the perfect adornments tailored precisely to your unique anatomy. our meticulous approach ensures an impeccable fit and a flawless aesthetic result, perfectly tailored to your individual preferences. 


Youth Lobes

As a father of four and a team with prior experience in childcare, our staff undergoes rigorous training to exhibit sensitivity, gentleness, and a warm welcome while performing pediatric earlobe procedures. We prioritize creating a positive and memorable experience for young ones that will endure for years to come. Additionally, we are proud to be the top recommendation among pediatricians and physicians.


Tooth gems

This specialized service utilizes dental epoxy to delicately and harmlessly attach  Swarovski crystals onto teeth, achieving a temporary yet stunning aesthetic enhancement while safeguarding the integrity of the tooth structure.


More Skilled Procedures

We provide a comprehensive range of specialized procedures, including but not limited to lobe reconstruction, coin slots, large gauge initial piercing, tongue bifurcation, scar correction, subdermal implants, transdermal implants, magnetic implants, RFID implants, scarification, and various other advanced services. For inquiries and additional information, please don't hesitate to contact us directly via email.


Trouble Shooting

Whether you have sought services from another studio, encountered self-made errors, or experienced any other complications, our dedicated team is here to provide assistance. Our staff is characterized by empathy and extensive knowledge, and our primary objective is to facilitate your safe and comfortable healing process.


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