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Frequently Asked Questions

*All Piercings are done by walk in. 


*We do offer permanent bracelets, body chains, anklets, and more. We can also add clasps.

*All minors must be accompanied by their legal guardian and be able to produce proof of said guardianship. Birth certificate, state issued photo i.d., custody papers, or any government issued proof of guardianship are included in "proof of guardianship".

*We do NOT price jewelry online or over the phone. This means even if you message us, email us, call us or try phrasing it differently we still will be unable to give you pricing.

*All Piercings are $30.00 per piercing plus the cost of jewelry which varies by size, style, alloy, and stone.

* We do NOT use outside jewelry meaning you cannot bring your own. This is for your safety. This not only includes fresh piercings but includes for healed piercings.

*We do NOT pierce infants. If you want the many reasons why, please feel free to email us and we will be happy to explain why waiting is best!

*All Mod Work and Intimate piercings require being 18 years old or older.

*All jewelry we use is safe for those who have sensitive skin! If you have had issues in the past with low quality jewelry, come experience proper piercing!

*We are unmatched in aseptic technique and sterilization tech! We spore test weekly as opposed to monthly which is the recommendation by the cdc, we use sterile surgical gloves, and we sterilize everything used in your procedure directly in front of you with the latest and greatest as far as sterilization tech goes!

*We take our last client at 6:30 p.m. daily.

*We are not a cheap studio. We refuse to compromise on our clients safety to be the cheapest studio around. For in depth jewelry pricing, stop in so we can fit you and see what will work best for you!

*We have a fantastic reputation for doing youth piercings! Having four kids myself we are not only more patient with children but have established an environment that is welcoming to all! 

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